Research and Development

BBE have developed and continue to develop innovative ventilation solutions allowing optimum use of mine ventilation and mine cooling systems. Examples include controlled recirculation systems, ventilation-on-demand [VOD], thermal ice & water storage and more recently solar technology for absorption refrigeration.

Project Management and EPCM

We offer engineering, procurement and construction management [EPCM] services in relation to primary and booster fan stations, mine cooling systems and mine refrigeration systems. BBE is completely independent of OEM equipment suppliers ensuring owners interest are protected during detail design and procurement.

Detailed Engineering

BBE’s multidisciplinary design teams provide detailed engineering services for mine ventilation and mine cooling systems including process, mechanical, civil and electrical drawings and specification.

Mine Ventilation Surveys and Training

Mine Ventilation Surveys and Training

BBE support mine sites with primary and secondary ventilation survey, audits and fan/cooling system performance assessment. Our team can also support sites with short term secondments as well as practical “on the job” mentorship/training.

Mine Ventilation Modelling

Mine Ventilation Modelling

BBE capability include strategic mine ventilation modelling using state of the art software including VUMA-3D, Ventsim Visual, VNetPC, MFire and computation fluid dynamics [CFD] tools such as Star-CD.

Strategic Ventilation Planning

We offer strategic ventilation mine planning including estimates of Life-of-Mine ventilation and cooling requirements, sizing of infrastructure, equipment selection, capital and operating cost estimates. BBE also undertake peer review and due diligence studies on mine ventilation projects.